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CRM + Telephony for small business
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Cloudfish - cloud based email validation API.

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Made with love in rural Ohio


orn and raised from humble beginnings on the outskirts of CBUS we grew to love our city, and more importantly the wide variety of people we have had the honor of meeting and in some cases even had the privilege to work with. In 2014, having worked a number of years as consultants and advisers, a group of like minded professionals banded together to form the Bityard.

Working with hundreds of clients from across the globe to realize their strategic vision and developing solutions to meet the demanding– and widely varying – needs of their business has given us a unique perspective on ourselves- we are passionate about our clients and we are passionate about building software. Period.

Our team represents a wide array of skills cultivated across a variety of technology and environments, including .Net, Java, NoSQL, SQL, client/server, web and mobile. We have developed and deployed everything from WordPress sites to large scale enterprise APIs (Rest and Soap) and web-scale NoSQL on a variety of platforms and IAAS providers including AWS, Rackspace and Azure. We are passionate, efficient and professionals at what we do. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to software development. We are Bityard.


Email Validation API
Cloud based email validation
Improve or maintain your reputation by weeding out invalid addresses and spam traps. Increase open rate by reducing bounces and phantom sends.
CRM + Telephony API
CRM + Telephony for small business
Create conference lines and voice lines on demand through your browser. Add scripts, network lines, record calls, get virtual voice mail.
Intelligent RAAS (Retry As A Service)
Intelligent RAAS (Retry As A Service)
Fire off critical requests and guarantee they succeed or fail with dignity. COMING SOON.
Marketing backend as a service
Marketing backend as a service
Connect to the ESP(s) of your choice and mine your resulting analytics.
Hosted Socket.Io
Hosted and managed create rooms, archive messages, and review analytics on your socket traffic.


Software Development

.NET, MVC, Node.js, maybe even the rubies (if you ask nicely)

Database Architecture

Oracle, Sql Server, MySQL, and NoSql (Mongo, Riak, Redis)

Process Engineering

Soc 1/2/3, SAS70II, SSAE16, Technical Documentation, and Requirements

Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, Azure


HTML5, CSS3 (less/sass), Javascript, WordPress


Above all we are passionate about what we do and put all our effort into each and every project we take

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